A Recipe for Disaster – Music on Restaurant Websites

Many restaurant websites automatically play music when they load.

This feature is often requested as a lot of restaurant owners believe this will enhance the experience of viewing their website and put you in the mood for visiting their restaurant.

Here at Restaurant Webdesign we think that playing background music on your restaurant’s website is a terrible idea and would like to take this opportunity to explain why…

Music Already Playing

A lot of people who browse the internet are already listening to music through their computer’s speakers. When they visit a website which plays music it just creates an annoying clash of the two songs and irritates the visitor. A lot of the time the visitor is more likely to press the back button and leave your site rather than turn of his/her own music.

Public Computers

Imagine you’re at work and you’re looking for a restaurant when perhaps you shouldn’t be. You click onto a restaurant’s website and all of a sudden your computer starts blaring out, “That’s Amore”.

You may not only lose your potential customer but you may also get them in trouble!