Website Design for Restaurants

Our websites are designed with the main aims of providing existing customers with useful information and enticing new customers into your restaurant.

We achieve this by making all our website’s visually appealing, easy to use for your customers, easy to update and search engine friendly.

Visually Appealing Design

We aim to display your beautiful food and restaurant with the use of high quality photos to capture what your restaurant is all about.

Your new website can include features such as a flash presentation which can automatically fade in and out of photos of your food in the style of an M&S advert. Or it could include a photo gallery, so visitors to your website can browse through photos of your restaurant to gauge its atmosphere.

Easy to Use

Our websites are designed to be easy to navigate for your customers so they can find the relevant information they are looking for.

Take Control of Your Website

You can take full control over your restaurant’s website with a specially designed CMS which allows you to edit the text and navigation on your website as well as giving you the ability to display and edit:

  • Your menus
  • Photos of your food and restaurant
  • Address and contact details for your restaurant
  • Opening hours
  • Promotions and vouchers
  • Reviews of your restaurant

Our website also allows you to:

  • Take enquiries
  • Recruit staff online
  • Gather email addresses for an email newsletter
  • Collect feedback from your customers

If you require any extra bespoke features that we haven’t already listed we can incorporate them into your new website.

Search Engine Friendly

Our websites are designed to be “search engine friendly” to maximise the number of visits to your website by potential customers who are using search engines such as Google to look for restaurants in your area.

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