Monitoring Your Restaurant’s Online Reputation

If you run a restaurant, chances are people are talking about you and your business online in the form of reviews, forum posts, blog posts, Facebook comments or Twitter tweets.

Online anyone can be a restaurant critic, and can help promote your business or can create a negative impact on it as potential customers will often browse the web for reviews of a restaurant before visiting.

So… how do you find out what people are saying about you? And find out if their comments are good, bad or mediocre?

Monitoring the Web

Google Alerts allows you to track when keywords or brands are mentioned.

You can track the name of your restaurant to receive an email alert anytime someone mentions it.

Monitoring Twitter

Twitter can also be easily monitored by searching for your restaurant name using Twitter’s search tool

Dealing with Negative Reviews

If you receive negative reviews you can learn from them to help you provide a better experience and service.

You could also use it as an opportunity to contact your disappointed customer, provide them with a gift voucher and invite them back to your restaurant for a second opportunity to impress them.

It’s more than likely that if they are happy with their meal they will update their previous bad review.