How to List your Restaurant on Google Maps

Listing your restaurant with Google’s Local Business Centre can be a quick and easy way to help potential customers find your restaurant’s website on Google and Google Maps.

Local business results often appear at the top of search results when searching for restaurants in a certain location.

Follow the steps below to list your restaurant on Google’s Local Business Centre:

  1. Visit the Google Local Business Centre website
  2. If you already have a Google Account (You may have one from another Google service such as Analytics or Adwords) then login. If not sign up for an account follow the instructions and sign in.
  3. After signing in you are greeted with a form allowing you to enter information about your restaurant.Fill in the details of your restaurant.
    • When entering your company name it is better to add keywords in your title. For example, if you run a sushi restaurant called ‘Okini’ I would recommend submitting the company name as ‘Okini Sushi Restaurant’ rather than just ‘Okini’.
    • Make sure you list the complete address of the restaurant including the non compulsory fields like county.
    • Fill in a short description of your restaurant. At this point you should take care of SEO. Include as many keywords as possible in the description. I would recommend mentioning the town your restaurant is located in as well as the type of restaurant.
    • You can select up to 5 categories which best describe your business. There is a general category ‘Restaurant’ which you should select along with categories for types of restaurant (e.g. ‘Spanish Restaurant’, ‘Tapas Restaurant’, etc…) so make sure you add all that apply to your restaurant.There are also ‘Pub’ and ‘Gastropub’ categories which may also be appropriate for your business.
    After you have filled in all the details of your business, click on the ‘Next’ button.
  4. The next page is a check to see if your restaurant is already listed on Google Maps.It lists other businesses which closely match the details you have entered.If you see a listing for your restaurant (or previous branding/occupancy of your restaurant) then click on the button ‘Claim Listing’.If none of the listings refer to your restaurant click the ‘Add Listing’ button.
  5. After you have added/claimed a listing you have the opportunity to add more details about your restaurant. Whilst these fields aren’t compulsory I would recommend filling several of the sections in.
    • The first set of additional details which can be entered are the ‘Hours of operations’.
    • The interface allows you to select your opening and closing times using drop down menus. If your restaurant opens twice in the day, for lunch and the evening, the system also lets you display split opening times if you select the checkbox labelled, ‘I would like to enter two sets of hours for a single day’.
    • The final section allows you to add extra details you want your customers to know about your restaurant.This can be used to let customers know if parking is available, if there are baby changing facilities, if there is wheel chair access, etc…
    When you have finished entering additional details click the ‘Submit’ button.
  6. The final step is to validate your listing.There are three ways which you can validate your listing, by phone, SMS or by postcard.I recommend that you choose either phone or SMS so that your restaurant can be listed as soon as possible. Select one of the three options and click the ‘Finish’ button.You will then receive an activation code by phone, SMS or in 2-3 weeks time by postcard which you must enter in to the Google Business Centre.Once the activation is done, your business listing will be made public after 24 hours.