Does My Restaurant Need a Website?

Without a website you are missing out on potential customers. More and more people are going online to look for places to eat.

Instead of browsing newspaper adverts or looking through a copy of the Yellow Pages people are just going on Google and searching using phrases like “Italian Restaurant” or “Thai Restaurant in Watford” to decide where they are going to eat out. If they don’t find your restaurant’s website they will find someone else’s and most likely dine elsewhere.

When potential customers visit your website you are given an opportunity to entice them into your restaurant. It provides important basic information to the potential customers, listing details such as your location, a map, opening hours and perhaps the ability to book a table online.

Your website acts like a preview for the customer. You can display your menu, specials for the day and pictures of your food and restaurant so people can judge the ambience. If the customer likes what they see on your website, you can expect them to be a patron of your restaurant in the near future.

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