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Monitoring Your Restaurant’s Online Reputation

If you run a restaurant, chances are people are talking about you and your business online in the form of reviews, forum posts, blog posts, Facebook comments or Twitter tweets. Online anyone can be a restaurant critic, and can help promote your business or can create a negative impact on it as potential customers will […]

A Recipe for Disaster – Music on Restaurant Websites

Many restaurant websites automatically play music when they load. This feature is often requested as a lot of restaurant owners believe this will enhance the experience of viewing their website and put you in the mood for visiting their restaurant. Here at Restaurant Webdesign we think that playing background music on your restaurant’s website is […]

How to List your Restaurant on Google Maps

Listing your restaurant with Google’s Local Business Centre can be a quick and easy way to help potential customers find your restaurant’s website on Google and Google Maps. Local business results often appear at the top of search results when searching for restaurants in a certain location. Follow the steps below to list your restaurant […]

Does My Restaurant Need a Website?

Without a website you are missing out on potential customers. More and more people are going online to look for places to eat. Instead of browsing newspaper adverts or looking through a copy of the Yellow Pages people are just going on Google and searching using phrases like “Italian Restaurant” or “Thai Restaurant in Watford” […]